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Thanksgiving December 1, 2008

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I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving and that everyone got where they needed to be safely. Enjoy the break.


Twilight November 13, 2008

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ok so i see that there is a movie based on the book that is comming out but what i really would like to know is if the book is worth reading? I know that the harry potter books were good and that the movies people love. also that if you read the books you get alot more information than you do in the books, which in my opinion better. but some other books are worse than the movies so my question to everyone is should i read the books or not?


“Roomates” November 6, 2008

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ok so roomates, they are supposed to help you pay for your rent and utilities and be your caretaker …. in a perfect world. In the real world they steal your cloths, your food, money and space. Roomates are very difficult to live with because they decide to rearrange the living room while you are at class and you come back and dont know where any of your stuff is! They read your mail and listen to your priviate phone calls while thinking that they arent doing anything wrong. I dont understand how they dont get these hints that this is not a good thing to do when living with people. My roomate decided to turn on the heat….first not telling me about it then turning it up to 74 degrees, im sorry but for someone who wouldnt let me turn the air on becuase she was worried about the electric bill, wanting to turn the gas up that high….HELLO the gas is more expensive than the electricity! Im sure that there are really good roomates out there and that im not the perfect roomate either but frankly i dont care anymore.


Criminal Minds September 9, 2008

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So Im totally crazy about this show on tv called Criminal minds its on on wednesday nights at 8:00pm on cbs. The new season hasnt started yet but i have just recently bought the previous three seasons and have been “reviewing” them, watching them nonstop is more like it, But its all about getting ready for the new season to begin.

The last season ended with a car blowing up after all of the agents had just gotten into different cars, so its not known who was blown up, and the suspense is killing me! but before i go any further i should tell you a little about the show. It is about a group of agents that work for the FBI, they are called the BAU which stands for the Behavioral Analysis Unit, they are profilers. They profile criminals and how they kill based on their behavior and the way they kill, the people they kill, where they kill, how they dump the body and things like that, its really interesting. I love it.